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Romagnani Stampi is a company projected toward the future. In the field of injection molding and compression for over 50 years, we mix elements of tradition and history with innovation and avant-garde to achieve constant growth. Our working environment is very dynamic, thanks in part to various collaborations in the international field.

Those who work for us have the opportunity to use high-level technologies and work on very interesting projects that involve different market leaders in the automotive sector (take a look at our portfolio to see a few).

Precisely for these reasons we are looking for new brilliant minds to expand our team: do you think you have the right requirements to become part of the world of Romagnani Stampi? If so, fill out the form below and send us your application! Here are the most sought after qualities.

Open positions

  • Designers
  • CAM expert/engineer
  • Toolmaker
  • CNC professional

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