Mold “Testing” services

The goal of any business is to optimize time and cost of implementation. To meet these needs, Romagnani Stampi has implemented a complete service that goes from planning and ends with testing.

Testing is one of the most important phases in the production process: it is during testing, in fact, that a good functioning of the mold guarantees the quality standards required for the finished product.

For this reason, we decided to share our testing area with those who need to test large molds.


The service is equipped with the following systems/equipment:

  • Krauss Maffei Press 3200 ton.
  • Kuka anthropomorphic robot for automatic part pick-up
  • Mold thermoregulation system from 5 to 90° C
  • Plant for the dehumidification treatment of plastic materials
  • Hot channels control unit with 60 control zones
  • Control unit for sequential injection control with management of up to 16 separate nozzles of hydraulic and pneumatic type
  • Overhead crane with 60 ton capacity

Thanks to its isolated position compared to the rest of production, our testing area allows for total autonomy and confidentiality, helped by a group of dedicated experts.

For information on how to use our mold testing service, fill out the form and contact us!

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